Workshop: „AI Capitalism: Critique and Regulation“

Paul Schütze & Rainer Mühlhoff
In this two-part workshop, we delve into the intricate relationship between AI and capitalism, viewing AI as a distinctive manifestation of global economic structures. Through a critical lens, we equip participants with analytical tools to identify and dissect the mechanisms of expropriation and power imbalances inherent in AI technology and its implications for sustainability.
In the first part, we will explore the systemic dimensions of AI capitalism, illuminating the dynamics that drive wealth accumulation and social disparities. In the second part, our focus shifts to the regulatory aspect, with an emphasis on data protection as a potential approach to address the widening power asymmetries between data-driven companies and societies.
12. September 2023 | BIFOLD Weizenbaum summer school

Talk: „Unpacking the concept of Sustainable AI – Critical Questions & Challgenges“

Paul Schütze
The goal of this presentation is to closely examine the concept of sustainable AI. Recent research shows that AI cannot be understood simply as a technology, but it inherently involves a large socio-economic context. In fact, AI is inseparable from this context and cannot be thought without it. With such a view, questions about sustainable AI become increasingly complex, and a thorough discussion of what particular concept of AI is evoked when talking about sustainability is needed.

Talk: „Why there is no Tomorrow – Wie sich KI die Zukunft aneignet“

Paul Schütze & Jan Siebold
In diesem Vortrag soll gezeigt werden, wie sich Künstliche Intelligenz durch die diskursive und materielle Strukturierung von Interaktionsräumen die Zukunft aneignet und dadurch mögliche Räume des Handelns einschränkt.
04. November 2022 | un:reale Interaktionsräume